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    Born and raised in San Diego, I’m one of the handful left that can be called a true San Diego native that never moved away. Being here all my life it would have been easy to take the beautiful beaches and weather for granted, but I never did. I realized at a young age just how much I loved this city, and that I probably never wanted to leave. At least not for too long.

    My love for photography started at a young age as well. My father was a hobbyist photographer and had a film SLR Minolta camera and an old film Nikon. I would accompany my dad on his photo excursions and I remember distinctly the excitement I would feel every time he would have a new batch of photographs developed. Though I didn’t completely understand everything at the time, the seed was planted and I knew it was something I wanted to learn and master on my own one day. That opportunity came years later when I was in college at UCSD, I learned one of my options for a prerequisite was a photography class. So I grabbed my dad's old Minolta and jumped at the chance. It was here that I learned the fundamentals of photography, technically and artistically. Learning on film and developing prints in the darkroom from the beginning laid what I feel is an important groundwork for not over-relying on the easily available crutches of the digital age. It made me respect the medium even more once I did finally move to the digital format.

    Interest in photography would wane for a bit until my jump to digital happened about 8 years ago, in the form of a Canon T2i Digital SLR camera. Considered a beginner camera, it was still a very powerful tool when used correctly. I was teaching photography to a friend at the time, showing her how to forego the auto settings and shoot in manual mode which is the first crucial step in becoming a professional in this business. Through helping and teaching her, my love for the art form was rekindled. I began second-shooting for other photographers at weddings and I started to remember just how much I loved photography. I decided this is what I wanted to do with my life and for the last 8 years or so I've dedicated myself to learning everything I could about this craft and practicing every chance I could get. I upgraded cameras and lenses, and switched to a pro-level Nikon D800. I continued to shoot weddings, and I started to incorporate the amazing weather and beaches of San Diego into my shots and this led me to my newest passion: Landscape Photography.

    It was a natural progression, a mixing of things I loved. I kept most of my landscape photography to myself until I felt I had perfected it. I wanted people's jaws to drop, I wanted them to exclaim "Wow!" every time they looked at one of my pictures. And I started to develop and incorporate my own unique shooting and editing style into my pictures, I wanted people to know right away they were looking at an Evgeny Yorobe Photography picture when they saw it. When I felt I was ready, I started to share some of my pictures with my friends and the public. I started out on Facebook and social media, with pretty positive results. I knew there was still room for improvement, but sharing my photography with the world had begun.

    I started my own Facebook photography business page in mid 2013 and from there things took off faster than I could have ever imagined. Some well known local and national media outlets started noticing and sharing my work on Facebook and other social media sites, expanding the reach of my photography. Before I knew it, my Facebook page had thousands of fans. At the end of 2013, the San Diego Reader ranked the top 6 pictures featured on their Facebook page for the year 2013 and 3 of the 6 were mine including the top spot. In January 2014, Pacific San Diego Magazine held their Seen Diego Photo Competition and I was one of 12 finalists out of thousands of entries. In their January issue my picture was featured with a two-page spread, one of only two finalists to have such an honor. In their May 2014 issue, San Diego Magazine featured one of my pictures in their Picture Perfect section with a two-page spread and an article about me. My photos were on the cover of Coronado Connection Magazine in the months of May 2014, July 2014 and August 2016, and on the cover of Point Loma Life Magazine in May 2014. In 2014 I won 2 First Place Blue Ribbons at the San Diego County Fair Photography competition, the only photographer to do so. In 2015 at the La Jolla Festival of the Arts, I was awarded “Best Of Show” my first year in the show. In 2016 I won another First Place Blue Ribbon at the San Diego County Fair, and I had 13 photos displayed winning a total of 9 ribbons. And in 2017 I was named one of “20 Of The Best Landscape Photographers You Need To Check Out Today” in the world by Photography Talk, which might be my highest honor yet. I never expected any of this “success” if you will, especially not this fast, and I am incredibly honored and humbled by all of it. But I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

    They say you always return to your first love, I know I will always return to my first two. No matter how many places I’ve travelled to across this globe, I’ve always returned to my sweet home San Diego. And no matter how many times life and other interests got in the way, I’ve always found my way back to photography. My photos are the culmination of these two passions, and as a result I’ve started to realize my dream of being able to show the world the beauty of San Diego through my lens.

Evgeny Yorobe Photography


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